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OOC Information:
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IC Information:
Name: Yuna ; Yuna Cresswell
Canon and medium: Final Fantasy X ; Video Game
Age: 17 ; 18
Preincarnation Species: Human
Preincarnation Appearance: here
Any differences: As opposed to having heterochromatic eyes like her original self, she now has two blue eyes to signify her mixed heritage. She also has darker, almost black, hair.
Preincarnated History:
Yuna was born to an Al Bhed woman and a summoner father in Bevelle, the religious capitol of Spira. Shortly after her birth, Yuna's mother was killed from a Sin attack upon visiting the Al Bhed Home. Just a few years later, when she was 7, Yuna's father, Braska, set off on a pilgrimage with Tidus's father, Jecht, and Auron as his guardians. Not long later, he defeated Sin and subsequently died, becoming the High Summoner of the following calm. Festivities ensued, as the world was then freed from Sin for ten whole years, but a saddened and orphaned Yuna was whisked away to Besaid with the assistance of Auron and a Ronso named Kimahri, who became her protector and, later, guardian from that point onward. Yuna became a member of Besaid's resident temple and grew up along with Wakka, Lulu, and Chappu, who became like siblings to Yuna.

Ten years later, after Braska's calm had ended and Sin had returned, Yuna's training as a summoner was coming to a sojourn. Yuna receives the aeon of the Besaid Temple, Valefor, after days of praying in the chamber of fayth. Upon celebration, she meets Tidus, a boy around her age who was washed ashore on Besaid whom Wakka wished to recruit to the Besaid Aurochs. She later discovers that Tidus is supposedly from Zanarkand, the final stop on her ensuing pilgrimage, and that he is the son of Jecht, her father's former guardian. 

The next day, Yuna sets off by boat with Lulu, Kimahri, Wakka, the Aurochs, and Tidus to Kilika, to pray at the temple and receive her next aeon. En route, they succumb to an attack from Sin, and after warding it off, Kilika is destroyed. Yuna sends the souls of the casualties to the Farplane, and prays at the temple the next day, receiving her second aeon. Along the way, Yuna expresses to Tidus her wish for him to become a guardian, or at least travel with her party. 

Upon arriving in Luca, the location of the Blitzball tournament, Yuna hears a rumor that Auron was spotted in a local cafe. After informing Tidus of this, the two, along with Kimahri, set off to a cafe in search of him. Lost in the crowd, Yuna ends up getting kidnapped by the Al Bhed Psyches, a rival Blitzball team to the Aurochs, who request that the Aurochs throw the game in exchange for Yuna's safe release. Tidus, Kimahri, and Lulu embark to save her, where Yuna later informs Tidus of her heritage as half Al Bhed and the existence of her uncle, Cid, and her search for him. 

After the Blitzball tournament and a sudden invasion of fiends, Yuna is saddened that Tidus seemed to have left with Auron. She is about to go back into the city to bid him farewell when Auron and Tidus show up, where Auron requests guardianship of Yuna, under the condition that Tidus, too, becomes an official guardian. Yuna accepts, and shows Tidus her new-found ability to whistle, something Tidus had taught her earlier. 

They travel along the Mi'ihen Highroad, where they later meet Seymour Guado, who becomes an unlikely ally for Yuna. Later, at the Mushroom Rock Road, Yuna and company become involved in Operation Mi'ihen, where the group of Crusaders and Al Bhed are imminently eliminated by Sin. Discouraged and feeling helpless, Yuna continues to Djose Temple, where she receives her next aeon, Ixion. 

At their next stop, the Moonflow, the party takes a Shoopuf across the water, where Yuna once again is kidnapped by the Al Bhed. After defeating the Al Bhed, they arrive on the shore, where Tidus finds Rikku, an Al Bhed girl who had previously assisted him, washed up. We learn that Rikku is Yuna's cousin, Cid's daughter, and she quickly becomes inducted into the group of guardians. The group then arrives in Guadosalam, home of the Guado, where the company is invited to Seymour's manor. 

Here, in private, he shows the group a recording of Zanarkand, and privately proposes to Yuna. The frazzled Yuna decides to answer later, then darts for the Farplane with the group to consult the sent souls of her dead parents. Upon leaving, the soul of Seymour's father, Jyscal, attempts to cross over, leaving a sphere behind, which Yuna picks up and watches later in private. Here, Jyscal accuses his son of murdering him. They learn that Seymour had headed for Macalania Temple, so the party follows him. There, Yuna embarks to the chamber of the fayth where Seymour is, receiving the aeon Shiva and confronting him with the accusations of murder. Soon later, Yuna's group of guardians arrive and they fight and kill Seymour, a treasonous act, as Seymour is a Maester, a religious leader within the order of Yevon. Upon escaping from the Temple, they fall through the ice and end up whisked away by Sin to the desert island of Bikanel. 

Yuna is soon found by the Al Bhed and taken to their base, but by time the party arrives, she has been stolen by the Guado. She is taken to Bevelle, where she is forced to marry an undead Seymour. The party then crashes the wedding, where Yuna threatens to commit suicide. Jumping from the top of the palace, Yuna summons Valefor and rides off on its back towards the Bevelle Temple, where she prays and receives the aeon Bahamut. The party arrives shortly after. 

Unfortunately, the party is arrested upon leaving the chamber of fayth, and Yuna is exiled to the Via Purifico, along with Auron, Kimahri, and Lulu. The four escape eventually, after having to face another summoner and his aeons, and are finally reunited for good with Rikku, Tidus, and Wakka. They defeat a now fiendish Seymour, and escape Bevelle at last. 

Back in Macalania, a shaken up Yuna seeks solitude at the Macalania Spring. Kimahri goes to watch over her, and Tidus eventually arrives, where they share a tender moment and Yuna receives new conviction to continue her travel to Zanarkand, despite being excommunicated and a fugitive from Yevon now. They travel to Mount Gagazet, where they are once again assailed by the unsent Seymour. Here, it is revealed to Yuna that Sin is Jecht, which once again shakes her will. Here, they find a mountain of fayth seemingly summoning something. A bit later, Yuna drops a sphere she had recorded back at Mi'ihen, which is her 'farewell' sphere. Tidus finds it and watches it, where Yuna reveals her feelings for Tidus. 

Arriving at Zanarkand finally, the group meets the unsent Yunalesca, the original summoner who defeated Sin, where they discover that the final aeon involves using a guardian as a sacrifice. Yuna immediately refuses to sacrifice any of her guardians, and the group sends Yunalesca to the Farplane after an arduous battle, ending the tradition of the final aeon for good. Afterwards, they are picked up by Cid and his airship, where they ponder how they will now proceed with defeating Sin. 

The fayth of Bahamut tells them that the key to defeating Sin for good lies in its core, in the manipulator behind Sin: Yu Yevon. They get in the airship and tackle Sin head on, allowing the group to enter Sin itself. Here, they once again face the unsent Seymour, who they fell and send to the Farplane. Upon reaching the core, the party faces Braska's final aeon — Jecht. They defeat him, as well as all the aeons Yuna had amassed after becoming possessed by Yu Yevon, then fell Yu Yevon itself. The cycle now ended, all of the dreams of the fayth begin to disappear — including Tidus. Yuna manages to proclaim her love for Tidus before disappearing from existence. 

The game's final scene shows Yuna back at Luca, whistling by the harbor wistfully for Tidus to come back to her. Lulu comes to get her, guiding her back to the Stadium, where she gives a speech about the now eternal calm and her status as High Summoner. The game ends as the crowd roars in approval for Yuna.

Reincarnated History:
- born on military base in Okinawa
- father is American soldier, woman is Okinawan native
- picked on from young age for mixed heritage
- father died as war casuality
- mother died around her 18th birthday
- after graduating high school Yuna decided to return to her father's hometown, Locke City, to continue her education
- became a licensed LPN through her high school's nursing program; majoring in political science, though. Ambitious to become a world diplomat bent on ending war

First Echo: first echo occurred at her father's funeral procession when she was 10. It triggered a distant memory of a futuristic, crimson city in vivacious celebration. For some reason, though, she felt an intense sadness. Yuna was remembering the day her father defeated sin and subsequently died.

Preincarnation Personality:
Our first meeting with Yuna is a rather ethereal one. In a chamber full of worried faces, a sweaty, fatigued woman stumbles out of a room, nearly about to pass out - after Kimahri catches her, she rises to her feet, a cheerful grin stating "I did it. I've become a summoner." In this scene, there is a feeling of magic and calmness emanating from Yuna - and this feeling doesn't wear off for a while.

Dona: All these guardians... and Sir Auron, too? And I hear Maester Seymour's quite taken with you. The world must look different when you're the daughter of Lord Braska.

Yuna is magic, in a way. She's a summoner, which is a special ability only a few hold. This ability has shaped Yuna's life, defining who she was as a child and young adult. Born the daughter of the former High Summoner, Braska, Yuna lived her life in his shadow, with spectators constantly anticipating to see if she could live up to everyone's expectations.

Lulu: Yuna chose her own path. She knew from the beginning what it meant.

However, she does not resent her father for this. Instead, she'd made it her life goal to surpass him - to become high summoner, like he did. Yuna is an extremely dutiful and piteous person, loyal and dedicated to the teachings of Yevon, which she has been taught is 'right' from childhood. Yuna is impartial, nonjudgmental, and kind-hearted; always looking out for her friends and people around her, above herself. This can be seen when she's quick to defend her Guardians when Dona insults the sheer number of them frequently. The meek, soft spoken Yuna quickly stands her ground, saying it is 'more of an honor to be [with them] than to be [her] father's daughter.' It can also be seen early on, when surrounded by the Kilika Beasts. She proudly proclaims that Tidus played for the Zanarkand Abes, something she firmly believes in, even though it makes her look odd. From this, you can see a major theme to Yuna's character; trust. Her blind faith in Yevon, her devoutness to saving the people of Spira, and her fealty to her friends. When these things pull here in different directions is where her real inner conflicts stem.

As a person, Yuna is very demure and polite. A huge doormat, she lets people walk over her and tell her what to do in many different ways. She allows others to tell her how her life is to be lived, in what way, and how she is to do it. She lives her life according to the teachings of Yu Yevon, obeys Lulu and Wakka when they forbid her from doing something. Yuna's life is not her own; she's given it to others, to use as a tool, a bringer of peace. This is something she is content with. However, she is steadfast in her beliefs and quick to defend them when they are challenged, something that seems almost uncharacteristic of the modest girl we often see.

Yuna is also very charismatic, despite her modest nature. Children are drawn to her natural kindness. People naturally flock to her, and she is able to shine in the spotlight; a true celebrity. This is because Yuna truly loves people. She is moved by their stories, and humbled by their admiration. She draws strength from people and their energy, hopes, and tragedies.

Yuna has a strong case of wanderlust. Though she's lived in Spira her whole life, most of it has been spent on Besaid Island, so when she is exposed to the outside world, she can be a bit impulsive and curious, always wanting to explore and experience new things, almost like a tourist. This can get her in to a good deal of trouble, such as when she goes searching for Auron and ends up kidnapped by the Al Bhed Psyches.

While Yuna may seem like a saint, she does have flaws. Namely, her biggest one is her naivety. She's lived most of her life confined to Besaid Island, full of piteous seniors, Lulu and Wakka, who have basically raised her since she was 7, and friendly islanders. Yuna may have lived in Spira all her life, unlike Tidus, but as she travels, her pilgrimage is one of discovery and great let downs as well. Because of this, she can have an idealized view on things, and puts her faith in nearly everyone she meets. Yuna is trusting. After only knowing Tidus for a day or two, she desperately wants him to become her guardian. However, there is a downside to this; Yuna places blind faith in people, things, ideals.. Yuna trusts Lulu and Wakka to take care of her, all of her guardians to protect her, Yevon to guide her, her Aeons to aid her in the battle against Sin.. but not all of these things are on her side. And when something or someone does let her down, it crushes Yuna's spirit.

However, how can you damn Yuna for this? Yuna is pure in various respects at the game's start. Innocent and untainted, she is not sure how to react when much more bitter, arrogant summoners, such as Dona, arise. Yuna has a lofty goal, one of self-sacrifice, and she is ready to give her life up for others. Shouldn't the other summoners hold these intentions, too?

Yuna is not stupid, though. Intuitive, clever, and with a strong sense of ingenuity, Yuna is able to deduce things and figure them out with a little digging. She might not be the strongest fighter, but she's great at reconnaissance. This can be seen in the respect to Seymour Guado, a fellow summoner who is loved by all of Spira. Yuna is able to see past his charming words and helpful disposition, able to see the disillusioned, vile person he truly is, and to prove it with the sphere she found of Jyscal's detailing how it was him who assassinated him. In a way, this makes Yuna a very impressionable person, someone who judges things by what she sees and senses from them first.

Yuna: I've.. Learned how to smile.. even when I'm feeling sad.

Despite being a summoner, Yuna is rather helpless. Summoners take on 'guardians', people who accompany them on their pilgrimage to protect them. As such, Yuna is rather dependent on her friends, those who she's entrusted to protect her with her life. Yuna does not want to be a burden. She is constantly frightened she is relying too much on others, and desires to be independent. Because of this, she will bottle up her own feelings on things, not express how deeply saddened and depressed things will make her, which is difficult for her. Yuna is a very emotional person. Wakka and Lulu know this, and know exactly what it is that's bugging her at all times. She wants to be able to take things into her own hands, to not have to rely on anyone else. At the beginning of the game, though, this just means she'll have to smile and pretend everything is okay, that she's not torn witnessing the deaths of many Spirans, by the fact that if she succeeds, she will die.. She has to be Spira's light, as that is the job of a summoner.

Yuna is brave. Despite the many warnings from Lulu and Wakka as a child, the variety of setbacks from her pilgrimage, and even being branded a traitor by Yevon, Yuna's number one priority is to always continue with her pilgrimage — even though she is aware death is what awaits her at the end. She is also a master at the power of positive thinking; she shows this after her and Seymour's 'marriage', when she jumps from the tower, and, with a stroke of luck and good timing, manages to summon an aeon to catch her fall. She says it will all be okay "if you just believe". As she cites near the end of the game, she 'knows nothing outside of the teachings of Yevon', so everything she does from that point on is a huge leap of faith, a risk that she is willing to take if it means Sin will be quelled from Spira forever.

Tidus, the strange visitor from Zanarkand, always manages to cheer her up. In the beginning, she takes a childlike fascination about his stories, putting full faith in him actually being from Zanarkand. Later, they learn to rely on each other. They are always able to cheer the other one up, and Tidus always know what to say around Yuna to make her laugh or smile. Rikku, too, takes on this role. Her cousin is her confidant, the one she's sure she can tell anything to and not expect to have it leaked. Wakka and Lulu act as substitute parents, there to guide her and give her advice when it's needed. She admires Auron for his work as a guardian with her father, and is able to put full trust in him and his honesty. Kimahri has been with her since she was young, and though he does not say much, she's positive he always has her best interest in mind. They share a silent bond. In these ways, Yuna is kept going by her relationships; without these key people in her lives, she wouldn't be able to continue with her pilgrimage.. physically, mentally, or emotionally.

Immediately, the weight of betraying Yevon by killing Seymour, no matter how justified it was, weighs on Yuna. 'Traitor', he calls her, as she falls to her knees. Though she is aware of what is right and wrong, going against the code she followed so closely her whole life is difficult and 'taboo' to her, as opposed to Tidus and Auron, who realized the necessity and don't freak out like she and Wakka did. Even still, Yuna continued on her Pilgrimage, despite being followed and assaulted by Yevon's various troops and maesters. She realizes soon that she put faith in Yevon because she believed it was the true way, and, as she continues on her pilgrimage, more of Yevon's lies are unraveled, such as Maester Mika being an unsent and the true nature of the final summon. Still, the betrayal of the doctrines and people she looked up to for so long weigh on her for the duration of the game, and when she is spoken to in the airship before the final battle, she regretfully waxes "All those teachings.. were they for nothing?"

Somehow, with the reassurance of her Tidus and the other Guardians, Yuna overcomes her anathema for straying from Yevon's teachings, even going so far as to dispose of Yunalesca, the one who imposes the truth of the final summon. She proves she is capable of taking things into her own hands, and, through that, is able to vanquish sin for good, something no other summoner has ever tried to accomplish, merely because they were not as revolutionary as Yuna. They did not take the time to unravel all of Yevon's secrets, to learn of the lies, to seek other ways, something Yuna learned from Tidus and the Al Bhed.

Yuna: I love you.

Tidus's departure weighs heavily on Yuna. She'd learned to rely on him, to confide in him — she loved him. So the fact that he ceased existing is enough to send her into a deep depression, an unrecoverable one. However, if her smiling in the ending is any indication, she realizes it is for the best, and appreciates the sacrifice Tidus gave for her and the entirety of Spira. If it wasn't for her, she would be dead, and Sin's cycle would begin anew. She had to smile for him — one last time.

Any differences: While Yuna is still a humanitarian, her love for humanity is not quite as flourishing and all-encompassing as her original form; she has a disdain for violent people as well as people who approve of injustices such as war, and she can be very open (but still her polite self) about her distaste with these people. 

Yuna also isn't quite as naive as her original self. She has much more world experience prior to a pilgrimage at age 17, and has developed around a multitude of different kinds of people from different walks of life. As such, she is less naive to the cruelties of the world, and is less willing to believe in the intrinsic goodness of people. She does believe that everyone is capable of kindness, but she's a bit more jaded than her original counterpart because of the racism she has faced when she was younger as well as the loss of her father at a young age. 

The reincarnated Yuna also has much less of a burden on her shoulder. While she does want to aid in 'fixing' the world, she feels less obligated to do so, and feels more intrinsically motivated than feeling like it is her duty to do so. She doesn't feel that it is necessarily her responsibility to do what she does, she does it because she wants to. This Yuna has a much stronger sense of agency and independence, and only ever does things that she feels is right. She is also much less likely to put blind faith in things such as organized religion, though she does hold some amount of faith because of her parents. This Yuna knows without having to be told that the church is corrupt. 

Notably, Yuna has a slight Okinawan accent. It isn't too strong, but Yuna does consider herself better at Japanese than she is with English, so her English can be a bit overly polite at times, making her speech similar to her speech in game, if a bit stiffer. 

In the world of Spira, everyone obtains abilities from the Sphere Grid, and her main pathway involves abilities of a magical and curative nature; that is, Yuna's designated position is that of a White Mage, with a high magic stat and healing/buffing/defensive magics. For a detailed list of the magic she has access to, look here.

Yuna is also unique in that she has an ability not obtained from the Sphere Grid; She is a summoner, a rare group of people able to Summon Aeons, 'physical representations of a fayth's dream'. Basically, Yuna is able to make some form of contract — a metaphysical link — between herself and these aeons, and use their power in combat. Here is a list of said Aeons Yuna has access to.

Roleplay Sample - Third Person: Some form of extended, third-person prose exhibiting strong voice and key behaviors of your character. If the voice is weak or the characterization appears to be off, revisions may be asked for.

Roleplay Sample - Network: Same as above, but in network-style format, using text, video, audio, etc. This MUST be on the network.
*Note: One of the samples (of your choice) must be done from the perspective of the reincarnated character, set within the game. Samples from the test drive community may be used for this purpose.

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